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– International Aromatherapy, Spa and Wellness Educator/Advisor
– IFA Asia Regional Representative, Examiner & Principal Teacher
– PA Lifeskills & Lifestyle Trainer

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Thanks to Mr Jon Tay that I get to know more about essential oil and their use. I like to use Club Arome essential oil which the smell is just right for my sensitive nose. I have tried other brand whereby the smell is too strong for me. Their pricing is reasonable and their packaging make it easy to carry with me at all times..

– Catherine

My mom has been using frankincense face serum and seen great improvement in the lightening of her dark spots. Thanks Jon for the great recommendation!

– Michelle

I like to use the essential oils as “perfume”. The essential oils are of good quality and the price is affordable as well. As consumers, we need to have the peace of mind and to trust that the source of oils are pure and of good origins. Jon has a wealth of knowledge and is always so patient to answer our queries.

– Joanna

I have been using their lavender true oil for years. It is very effective in healing and calming, and I like to diffuse it at night. I will also blend it with aromeJ’s grapeseed or sweet almond carrier oil, It comes in very handy whenever myself or others has a cut it will heal much faster!
I have tried other big brands before, but still think aromeJ’s oils are truly from the most original and natural source. Their prices are much more reasonable too. Jon would also advise the appropriate oils to use with regards to my health related queries. He’s very professional and doesn’t recommend more than what is necessary. I would highly recommend Club Arome!

– Jasmine

I used aromeJ essential oils after I learnt how to use it at a SkillsFuture course on Basic aromatherapy conducted by Mr. Jon Tay.
The online sales and delivery service make it affordable and convenient for purchasers to buy from ClubArome.

– Mrs. J

I use the face serum with palmarosa and frankincense tailored for my skin and it has kept my skin clear and healthy.

– Mabel

Have been using the flora water for my teenage girls and myself. It helps to control and reduce breakouts. Highly recommended.

– Y.Y